First Thoughts

December 20, 2010 2 comments

Eventually I will write many and diverse scintillating blog entries here that you will be hard pressed to ignore. My writing will be spectacular and challenging.

Ok, Ok, so maybe it won’t be spectacular, or scintillating, but I hope to challenge you in many areas of your thinking. And quite frankly I hope you challenge me the same way.

For the liberals among us, you will find that I disagree with you about a number of issues. For the conservatives, sorry, but you will be likewise disappointed. I find that both liberals and conservatives alike have their own special brand of intolerance.

I will not pull any punches, and will maintain a radical commitment to the truth. I hope to establish a community that has not only the same commitment to truth, but also has a radical commitment to grace and mercy. In other words this will hopefully be a place where people can come to discuss anything whatsoever without fear of condemnation.

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