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Why FounderSeed

December 24, 2010 Leave a comment

A friend of mine asked me today why I named this blog FounderSeed. The answer is quite simple. It is named after God, the founder of the church and the founder of this mission. And it is named for Jesus who is the seed that God planted here to spread the Gospel.

The tag line “Wandering Homeward” is a reflection of what we’re all doing here. I’m sure you’ve noticed that everyone dies. The question is, what happens then? Is it like falling asleep with no dreams? Is there anything after life? Or do we join the great “force” since we all know that energy is never destroyed but only changes form. Or is there life after death?

Well, having had a personal and close encounter with God, I admit to believing that we do experience life after life. You are, of course, welcome to disagree. I get that, and I can’t prove you’re wrong; won’t even try. Frankly, I’m not here to try to prove anything. And if you’ve ever read the Bible you may have noticed that it never attempts in any way to prove the existence of God either. It begins, continues, and ends with the supposition that God is real.

So, wandering homeward is just my way of saying that I’m going home, and I seem to be taking the long way.

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First Thoughts

December 20, 2010 2 comments

Eventually I will write many and diverse scintillating blog entries here that you will be hard pressed to ignore. My writing will be spectacular and challenging.

Ok, Ok, so maybe it won’t be spectacular, or scintillating, but I hope to challenge you in many areas of your thinking. And quite frankly I hope you challenge me the same way.

For the liberals among us, you will find that I disagree with you about a number of issues. For the conservatives, sorry, but you will be likewise disappointed. I find that both liberals and conservatives alike have their own special brand of intolerance.

I will not pull any punches, and will maintain a radical commitment to the truth. I hope to establish a community that has not only the same commitment to truth, but also has a radical commitment to grace and mercy. In other words this will hopefully be a place where people can come to discuss anything whatsoever without fear of condemnation.

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