OK. I decided to start a blog. Yay for me. If you really want to know a little about me and why I’m doing a blog then read on.

Eventually I will write many diverse and scintillating blog entries that will no doubt be fascinating. I intend to invite other authors with differing opinions to join the discussion. The writing will be spectacular and challenging. Ok, Ok, so maybe it won’t be exactly spectacular, or scintillating, but I hope to at least challenge you in many areas of your thinking. And quite frankly I hope you challenge me the same way.

For the liberals among us, you will find that I disagree with you about a number of issues. For the conservatives, sorry, you will likewise disappointed. I find that both liberals and conservatives alike have their own special brand of intolerance.

I will not pull any punches, and will maintain a radical commitment to the truth. A pastor I know once told me that truth without grace is brutal, but that grace without truth is wimpy.

We will be neither brutal or wimpy.

Imagine a community where people really take the risk of loving God and others, even when they(we) are very different or marginalized by society, where everyone has a radical commitment to truth, where grace is both given and received, and deep healing takes place.

It is a place a place where people can come to discuss anything whatsoever without fear of condemnation.

Imagine a community where life is lived together. Each person both contributes tangibly to the common good and benefits from it. It is not a commune, but more like a tribe, a new tribe.

It is a place where people truly believe that every human is made in the image of God and is therefore lovable, lovely, and capable of loving.

I have been told that this is just a just pleasant dream, but it’s a good dream, and it is the one that Jesus taught. So, strap in and hang on. Here we go.

If that is a community that you might be interested in please contact me so that we can begin to create it.

Oh yes, by the way, any opinion is worth expressing, but please do so with some dignity. If you disagree with something that has been posted or with a comment that was made I would appreciate it if you would refrain from swearing, abusive language, etc. If you find that impossible to do your comments will be removed.

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